30 June 2012

High Five for Friday {Saturday edition}

Don't judge me.  Today's High Five for Friday post is happening on Saturday.
1. games with friends. this is blokus... have you played? it's like tetrus, and a nice challenge for those spacial-reasoningly  (a real word? no.) impaired, like me!

2. like with no one else in the world, my sister and i crack ourselves up. god bless sisters.

3. fancy steak (uh, actually shrimp for me) dinner with my man before starting a new plan to get healthier. 

4. prayers for colorado. the devastation is unfathomable. {this photo was posted to a friend's facebook. i wasn't able to find the original source}

5. here in the midwest, the conversation these days is all about hot hot hot!  here was my car's temp gauge earlier this week.  crank the a/c. no really.

{weekender} :: what's happening

do you feel that?

it's the weekend.  insert deep breath here.

as i mentioned, last weekend, i was up north at my family's lake house. my two nephews (ages 7 and 2.5) and niece (age 5) were along with us so their parents could celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary;  a milestone to be celebrated, for sure.
lakeside calm; boathouse star; carseat crocs; flipflopped feet; favorite mug coffee break; s'more what

though not the relaxing getaway i'd planned (what i was taking when i thought there would be time to relax with three munchkins tagging along, i do not know), we had a wonderful time and got some sand in our suits. 

what are your favorite ways to indulge in summertime getaways?

28 June 2012

{drool} :: etsy

Raise your hand if you think etsy is great.  Raise your hand if you think etsy is even greater after seeing these pictures!

Oh goodness me.  What we see here are Etsy's Brooklyn headquarters, and home to the Etsy Lab, where the good stuff happens.

image {via}
image {via}
image {via}
Of course, if you're in need of a little creative inspiration of your own, bop on over to Etsy!
What are some of your favorite Etsy purveyors? 

22 June 2012

hIgH fIvE for FRIDAY!

high five, friends! it's FRIDAY!

1. I switched my blog interface this week to blogger. I'm such a google geek, blogger was calling my name.

2. Sonic.  Nom. I used to be a diet-cherry-limeade-with-extra-real-cherries loyalist, but my sister recently introduced me to diet-sprite-with-lo-cal-raspberry-and vanilla-with-extra-real-cherries, and it is DELISH. The cherries have nothing to do with anything except that I love maraschino cherries. 

3. My boyfriend and I love to bike together. This past weekend, we took our first ride of the year around one of the lakes in our area.  It's about a 30 mile ride, and my bootie is still... um.... well, it hurts from the dang bike seat.  There's a McDonalds about halfway around the lake, and normally I'm not such a fan of the big MD, but they have a restroom, and  smoothies and ice cold water to fill our packs.  The proof is in the pudding picture, people.  We wear helmets.

4. I'm heading up north this weekend for some time spent unplugged.  My three favorite munchkins (two nephew and a niece, to be precise), will be joining us while their parents celebrate a big wedding anniversary. I don't plan on sleeping in, necessarily, since three little alarm clocks are also not quiet, but I need the reprieve, and about halfway to our destination, I can feel my shoulders relax.

5. I've had a hard time lately keeping up with deep cleaning my home, so I bit the proverbial dollar-bill-bullet and had some cleaners come. They were referred to me by a friend I trust, so I didn't do much research.  They scrubbed every millimeter, and my home is spotless.  I think I'm in love.

20 June 2012

words you go into the world with

cammie + mollie = <3

I was with my sister, and I had an epiphany.  I'm not actually sure that epiphany is the right word, but I was visiting her in Missouri, at this amazing leadership-building, mentorship-filled year long program.  She lived college style, lofted beds, public showers, and all.  High five for re-living my college days.  I do not miss lofted beds. Or climbing out of them in the dark, life and usable limbs flashing before my eyes.

Above the door as you exit her dorm was the simple phrase, "Assume the best".  What a way to walk into the world, right?  The way I approach life with my boss {who is also my dad - try that on for size}, my condo association {and somewhat questionable neighbor}, my starbucks barista {no, that was an iced grande three splenda latte in a venti cup}, my yoga instructor {bah side plank}, even my boyfriend {American Pickers, again?}... do I assume the best? Do I give them the benefit of the doubt, believing the very best about their intentions and heart... for the umpteenth time?  

my front door and new words to walk into the world with

I hope so.  Let's do that in the world, shall we? Let's be kind, be gracious, be thankful

For we'd sure appreciate such a favor most days.

19 June 2012

welcome aboard!

if you're joining me from tumblr, welcome aboard! i hope you'll add this little chunk of the web to your favorite rss reader. i'd sure love to have you!

{weekender} :: birchbox edition

As promised in my high five for friday post, today’s {weekender} is all about this month’s Birchbox.  If you’re new to the world of birchbox, prepare to be amazed, excited, and inspired all at the same time.  Birchbox is a subscription service, so it has the beauty of oh-my-goodness-I-got-something-in-my-mailbox-that’s-not-a-bill thrill, combined with an opportunity to try the newest and freshest in the world of grooming, beauty, and lifestyle products.  It’s so much fun.
This month’s theme was Jet Set, which is so fitting for wonderful summer, filled to the brim with weekend getaways and trips to the beach.
The item I’m most excited to incorporate into my daily routine is Stila’s One Step Bronze.  This piece-of-artwork-in-a-bottle {so cool looking, right?! I’m a sucker for good marketing} combines bronzer, primer, and serum.  
I’ve never been a big one for lipstick.  My fear of old lady lipstick wrinkles has made me a proponent of lipgloss and chapstick for life, or at least until I’m old. Enter theBalm’s Stainiac.  It’s a two-in-one lip and cheek stain.  Since it’s a stain, I’m willing to give it a fair chance on my lips, and have no qualms about using it on my cheeks for a nice summer glow.
I haven’t yet tried the Borghese cleansing bar or the La Fresh face cleansers, but they’ll surely be tossed into my travel case next time I’m hitting the road for a weekend away.  
Have you given in to Birchbox yet?

high five for fRiDaY

high five, friends!  it’s friday!

1. this week was an awesome mail week.  i’ll highlight this month’s birchbox treasures in my {weekender} post.
2. my most favorite magazine. see  #1.

3. this weekend, my boyfriend and i and another couple traveled a short distance to a professional baseball game.  it was hotter than youknowwhat but we had a great time connecting with our friends and cheering our team on to a win!  america’s {hottest} pastime.   

4. plans and designs are coming together for my bedroom makeover.  i can’t wait to share, but for now, let’s just say there’s a tape measure and paint samples on my desk.   

5. {friday}.  enough said.  did you hear me relax?


high five for friday!

Today I’m linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for High Five for Friday!  Here are my top 5 things from the week…

  1. My bedroom is getting a makeover.  Here are the options for my bedspread…  can’t wait to show the progress!
  2. Last weekend, I performed with a local band at a music festival.  See also, #5.
  3. Wisconsin just ended a bitter recall election.  No matter what side you’re on - you’re glad it’s over(image credit)!
  4. I spent the majority of the week on a work trip to Lake Las Vegas, which is the relaxing suburb of Vegas.  My room had a beautiful view of the lake.
  5. Originally, my boyfriend wasn’t going to be able to attend the show I performed at.  While I was in the green room waiting to go on stage, he texted me to tell me he was in the audience.  :) 

fly me to {las vegas}

Fly me to {las vegas}!
That’s where I’m headed today… And the airport I’m flying out of has one of my favorite coffee roaster’s kiosks just 10 steps from my departure gate. Today’s treat is an iced latte - a refreshing drink for this summery day!

what a week!

Raise your hand if you’re over-the-moon excited its the weekend!
My work week wore me out, and I can’t wait for the exhale this weekend will bring. Next week, I’m headed to Las Vegas for a conference, and I look forward to a change in scenery, along with time with colleagues, but nothing is better than sitting-on-the-porch-with-coffee-Saturday-morning.
Have a great weekend, all! What do you have planned?

How to make her special day as special as she is

This weekend, one of my best gals got married.  Ours is the kind of friendship I want to honor.  She’s the kind of friend who deserves to feel special, celebrated, loved.  So here’s what I did…

Shower details that matter to her
This particular friend has an incredible eye for style; in fact, her background is in interior design.  When planning her shower, I paid special attention to thelook, because I knew that’s what would matter to her. I selected invitations from etsy in her color scheme of coral and grey.

A bachelorette party that speaks to what’s important to herYou’re only the bride once.  Your bachelorette party should most-perfectly reflect what’s important to you.  For some, it’s the dancing.  Others, the pranks.  For this week’s bride, it’s the people.  With that in mind, for the bachelorette party, we went with an intimate get-together at a local tapas eatery.  The food is world-class, the setting dimly lit, and the service excellent.  It gave us a chance to connect with the bride and her most important ladies.  For the invitations, I tried out Paperless Post.  I wanted something affordable and quick, since we were working on a quick-turnaround.  More unique than Evite, but still simple, Paperless Post worked very well.  The invitations were simple yet stylish, just like the bride.

Assist in your area of expertiseI am a logistics fiend.  I love putting pieces together and seeing how everything works together for an enjoyable event.  Two weeks before the wedding, the bride and I met at a local coffee shop, and got to work on an itinerary for every individual who was involved in the wedding, beginning three days before the big day, and concluding the day after.  We used a spreadsheet format and included such details as the name and direct line of the contact at the reception site, the fact that lunch on the day of the wedding had been pre-paid by credit card, and all the items the father of the bride needed to remember to retrieve from the reception site the morning after the wedding.

things are happening

Things are happening. Bouquets are taking shape. ONE OF MY BEST GALS IS GETTING MARRIED!