30 June 2012

High Five for Friday {Saturday edition}

Don't judge me.  Today's High Five for Friday post is happening on Saturday.
1. games with friends. this is blokus... have you played? it's like tetrus, and a nice challenge for those spacial-reasoningly  (a real word? no.) impaired, like me!

2. like with no one else in the world, my sister and i crack ourselves up. god bless sisters.

3. fancy steak (uh, actually shrimp for me) dinner with my man before starting a new plan to get healthier. 

4. prayers for colorado. the devastation is unfathomable. {this photo was posted to a friend's facebook. i wasn't able to find the original source}

5. here in the midwest, the conversation these days is all about hot hot hot!  here was my car's temp gauge earlier this week.  crank the a/c. no really.