22 June 2012

hIgH fIvE for FRIDAY!

high five, friends! it's FRIDAY!

1. I switched my blog interface this week to blogger. I'm such a google geek, blogger was calling my name.

2. Sonic.  Nom. I used to be a diet-cherry-limeade-with-extra-real-cherries loyalist, but my sister recently introduced me to diet-sprite-with-lo-cal-raspberry-and vanilla-with-extra-real-cherries, and it is DELISH. The cherries have nothing to do with anything except that I love maraschino cherries. 

3. My boyfriend and I love to bike together. This past weekend, we took our first ride of the year around one of the lakes in our area.  It's about a 30 mile ride, and my bootie is still... um.... well, it hurts from the dang bike seat.  There's a McDonalds about halfway around the lake, and normally I'm not such a fan of the big MD, but they have a restroom, and  smoothies and ice cold water to fill our packs.  The proof is in the pudding picture, people.  We wear helmets.

4. I'm heading up north this weekend for some time spent unplugged.  My three favorite munchkins (two nephew and a niece, to be precise), will be joining us while their parents celebrate a big wedding anniversary. I don't plan on sleeping in, necessarily, since three little alarm clocks are also not quiet, but I need the reprieve, and about halfway to our destination, I can feel my shoulders relax.

5. I've had a hard time lately keeping up with deep cleaning my home, so I bit the proverbial dollar-bill-bullet and had some cleaners come. They were referred to me by a friend I trust, so I didn't do much research.  They scrubbed every millimeter, and my home is spotless.  I think I'm in love.


  1. I'm all about the diet coke with regular cherry syrup and easy ice...but your sprite concoction is sounding delish!! I may just have to try that!! =)

    1. You should! It sounds strange, but I swear, you'll never go back. :)


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