19 June 2012

How to make her special day as special as she is

This weekend, one of my best gals got married.  Ours is the kind of friendship I want to honor.  She’s the kind of friend who deserves to feel special, celebrated, loved.  So here’s what I did…

Shower details that matter to her
This particular friend has an incredible eye for style; in fact, her background is in interior design.  When planning her shower, I paid special attention to thelook, because I knew that’s what would matter to her. I selected invitations from etsy in her color scheme of coral and grey.

A bachelorette party that speaks to what’s important to herYou’re only the bride once.  Your bachelorette party should most-perfectly reflect what’s important to you.  For some, it’s the dancing.  Others, the pranks.  For this week’s bride, it’s the people.  With that in mind, for the bachelorette party, we went with an intimate get-together at a local tapas eatery.  The food is world-class, the setting dimly lit, and the service excellent.  It gave us a chance to connect with the bride and her most important ladies.  For the invitations, I tried out Paperless Post.  I wanted something affordable and quick, since we were working on a quick-turnaround.  More unique than Evite, but still simple, Paperless Post worked very well.  The invitations were simple yet stylish, just like the bride.

Assist in your area of expertiseI am a logistics fiend.  I love putting pieces together and seeing how everything works together for an enjoyable event.  Two weeks before the wedding, the bride and I met at a local coffee shop, and got to work on an itinerary for every individual who was involved in the wedding, beginning three days before the big day, and concluding the day after.  We used a spreadsheet format and included such details as the name and direct line of the contact at the reception site, the fact that lunch on the day of the wedding had been pre-paid by credit card, and all the items the father of the bride needed to remember to retrieve from the reception site the morning after the wedding.