30 June 2012

{weekender} :: what's happening

do you feel that?

it's the weekend.  insert deep breath here.

as i mentioned, last weekend, i was up north at my family's lake house. my two nephews (ages 7 and 2.5) and niece (age 5) were along with us so their parents could celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary;  a milestone to be celebrated, for sure.
lakeside calm; boathouse star; carseat crocs; flipflopped feet; favorite mug coffee break; s'more what

though not the relaxing getaway i'd planned (what i was taking when i thought there would be time to relax with three munchkins tagging along, i do not know), we had a wonderful time and got some sand in our suits. 

what are your favorite ways to indulge in summertime getaways?