20 June 2012

words you go into the world with

cammie + mollie = <3

I was with my sister, and I had an epiphany.  I'm not actually sure that epiphany is the right word, but I was visiting her in Missouri, at this amazing leadership-building, mentorship-filled year long program.  She lived college style, lofted beds, public showers, and all.  High five for re-living my college days.  I do not miss lofted beds. Or climbing out of them in the dark, life and usable limbs flashing before my eyes.

Above the door as you exit her dorm was the simple phrase, "Assume the best".  What a way to walk into the world, right?  The way I approach life with my boss {who is also my dad - try that on for size}, my condo association {and somewhat questionable neighbor}, my starbucks barista {no, that was an iced grande three splenda latte in a venti cup}, my yoga instructor {bah side plank}, even my boyfriend {American Pickers, again?}... do I assume the best? Do I give them the benefit of the doubt, believing the very best about their intentions and heart... for the umpteenth time?  

my front door and new words to walk into the world with

I hope so.  Let's do that in the world, shall we? Let's be kind, be gracious, be thankful

For we'd sure appreciate such a favor most days.