28 July 2012

just do it :: {and other slogans that make sense}

A few short weeks ago, this image was EVERYWHERE on Pinterest, and rightfully so, because it's awesome.
 Now, of course, I can't find the original source.  I am pretty sure it's courtesy of Nike.  If you happen to know the source, let me know!

Oh, those advertisers.  They really have it.  Just do it.

That's why they get paid the big bucks, right? Their ideas resonate, inspire, motivate.  

I was thinking recently about a couple things in my life that needed a little tweaking.  Specifically, I have a high need for some quiet time in my day, and my regular life doesn't allow true quiet to happen anytime after 8:00am.  Ridiculous, I realize, but it's truth.  I found that my frantic mornings were skewing my whole day - and not in a good way.   

Because I'm a planner, and because this is how I (in all my Type A glory) work, my mind was all a mess trying to plan out just precisely what I would do.  Step one. Step two. Step one sub point a, followed by a Venn diagram regarding issue a.b14 in the Appendix. And I was getting nowhere. And my {frantic} mornings turning into {not so great} days weren't getting any better.  

As ridiculous as it is, I needed a small epiphany to move me forward.  

Just DO it, I thought. My first step would be to DO something.  

And so I did.  Four days ago.  And every morning since (I know it's only been 4 days - don't judge me).  My alarm gets set extra early.  My coffee-maker is on timer.  The light next to my bed turns on automatically (thanks to my best waking-up trick, which is to set a timer to my lamp - yes, think Christmas lights - having it turn on before I wake up so my brain is fooled into thinking it's actually light out when I wake up).  When my alarm goes off, I give myself a couple minutes (no more than 5) to adjust to the reality that I will soon be exiting my bed, and during that process, I hear my coffee perking away.  Coffee is my true love, and is really what gets me out of bed. Not a drop should be wasted. Just kidding, but only kind of.

And so there you have it. As much as my dorky self needs a plan for every little thing, sometimes the plan just needs to be to DO something. Are you with me? 

new every morning

Aaaand, just because everyone needs a little something to make you smile with your whole self...

27 July 2012

oLyMpIcS twenty twelve!

I'm a sucker for the Olympics.  I don't really know what it is.  Maybe it's the ceremony, the tradition, the unity of nations, the coming-together of all these different folks for a common purpose.  Or maybe it's just that these athletes have worked so stinking hard, and get to enjoy the sweet fruits of their labor.

Whatever it is, I'm all in.

Check out this poster I came across.  If I was having an Opening Ceremonies party, you better believe this would be all the inspiration I'd need.  Let the record also show that this poster is also helpful because I can never really figure out how long the Olympics last. Thank you talented graphic artist for also helping out with the details.

In order to enjoy the upcoming olympiad (doesn't that remind you of the commercials? Welcome to {insert news network here}'s coverage of the {something roman numeral number} OLYMPIAD...), you will need a few resources.  I'm just here to help.
And now for some unadulterated national pride...

Did I spell that right? You know after you type something a million times, it looks all wrong?

high five for friday!

high five for friday!
one: one of my favorite pandora stations for getting things done: shawn mcdonald.  it's accoustic. it's reflective. it's goooooood.two: actual air-dwelling plane landing on water. gets me every time.
three: my newest bridier baubles treasure!  
four: it's OLYMPIC time! (via)
five: i went to my yoga/pilates/tai chi class. it was wonderful and relaxing and hard and everything it should be, but there's no picture, because (really, now) no one wants to see that.

happy friday! i hope today is everything you need.


26 July 2012

{another you tube treasure} :: history of western music in 16 genres

Have you seen this one? It's so clever, and pretty accurate, from a historical perspective.

Following along in a reader? Check out the video here.

Here are a couple other favorites from this YouTube channel:

History of Wooing Women (sorry about all the bleeps - says something about the world, I suppose)

The artists are known as CDZA.  They create musical video experiments.  
You can visit them here.  

15 July 2012

{In the Kitchen} :: Texas Caviar with a Twist

This weekend's festivities included a cookout with friends. A creative spread, including a hot dog bar, veggies with hummus, festive fruit salad, and key lime pie were on the menu, along with my Texas Caviar with a Twist, my mom's recipe.  We enjoyed yard games, summertime drinks, and of course, each other.

simple yet delicious!
Texas Caviar with a Twist
The cast of characters:
Black Beans - 2 cans
Garbanzo Beans - 1 can
Corn - 1 can
White Hominy - 1 can
Fresh Jalapeno - 1
Small Red Onion - 1
Olive Oil - 1/8 to 1/4 cup
Red Wine Vinegar - 1/8 to 1/4 cup
Salt & Pepper - to taste

  1. Drain and rinse beans. Add to large mixing bowl.
  2. Drain corn and hominy. Add to beans.
  3. Remove seeds from jalapeno (unless you can handle lots of heat!), then dice very small.  I cut julienne strips then dice from there.
  4. Add 1/8 to 1/4 cup of good quality olive oil, followed by (about - I didn't measure anything) 1/8 cup of red wine vinegar.
  5.  Add salt & pepper to taste
The end result is a refreshingly zippy texas caviar salsa, a delicious accompaniment to {blue!} corn chips or hearty fresh vegetables.

How did you celebrate your summertime weekend?

12 July 2012

{life hacks for the busy gal} :: junk in her trunk

I came across a TREASURE this evening on Pinterest that I just had to share.
Heidi over at Castro HAPPYnings has fashioned an incredible "junk in the {literal} trunk" hack that I'll love forever.  Check it out below.  It's an all-about-town busy gal's dream.

Who hasn't found themselves in an unexpected situation, wishing they'd been able to anticipate their family's (or heck - their own!) needs? Heidi uses shower-caddy organizers to store items for her family while they're out and about or on a road trip.

Heidi's collection includes such necessities as first-aid items, sunscreen, bug spray, rain ponchos, snacks, tissues, office supplies, and more. 

Why I love it:
It shows
she cares. When you put thought and planning into anticipating the needs of people you love, it demonstrates love in a way that's tangible.  
  1. It's organized, yet still live-able.  We've all seen ideas that look beautiful in the picture, but moments after putting it to use in real-life become unmanageable. I feel that this idea is practical and attainable, even for people who aren't naturally ultra-organized.
  2. Being prepared pays off, literally.  Heidi alludes to this in her post, but making these kinds of purchases in bulk, or (even better!) when they're on sale is much more affordable than arriving at your destination and being forced to pay a premium at the local convenience store because it's your only option. 

How I'd customize it:

Even for someone who's not yet a mom, or has a different lifestyle, the idea is totally transferable.  
Change for meters:
In my car, I keep a pouch of change for parking meters. It's a big relief to find a parking spot and know I have the change I'll need to avoid the dreaded parking ticket.

  1. I often find myself in situations where I need a small "thank you" type token. For these situations, I'd add universally-appealing (think Starbucks, Panera, Amazon) gift cards in small values.  As a gift, they're a nice treat, and again, totally doable. Next time you're grabbing your latte, pick up a couple $5 gift cards for your trunk-junk collection.
  2. Extra makeup: When I'm headed to an event right after work, I often need just a little makeup touch-up.   We're not talking a complete makeover, but a fresh coat of mascara and swipe of bronzer can take me from looking like I had a long day at the office, to looking like I took a moment to gather myself.  It's always good to look put-together.  Along with a couple makeup items, I'd add a tester-sized perfume in a light scent. A squirt of light perfume never hurt anyone.

Make sure to check out Heidi's full post here, and if you pin the images, please pin from her original post.

What are some of the ways you prepare for the unexpected?

09 July 2012

Independence Day Festivities :: {ooh, aah}

Our July 4 festivities were full of things to ooh and aah at, if you will (please do).  
Every year, one of the parts of the celebration I look most forward to is the F-16 Flyover. It gets me every time.  EVERY time.

i love america

And of course... the beauty of the fireworks.  The chandelier kind are my favorite. 

sky full of light

And finally, another classic video that's making its way around the interwebs...  a fireworks show San Diegans (?) will never forget. There's an ad at the front end of the video. After about 5 seconds, click to "skip" it.  

04 July 2012

respite for the holiday

my spot at the lake
I hope this holiday provides a chance for rejuvenation for you.  I hope you'll breathe in the summer air, with all its laughter and water-droplet sparkle.

I'm headed four hours north to my happy place, and will see you back here next week.

03 July 2012

Independence Day Festivities :: {the treats}

In our area, there is a wonderful July 4th celebration of fireworks choreographed to music.  Each year, the event takes place the weekend before the 4th, in order to allow for other celebrations on the holiday itself.

We started our evening with a trip to the ballpark.  We met up with some friends for the game, then stuck around and spread our blanket in the outfield after the game, and enjoyed the fireworks from our perch in the outfield.

No festivity would be complete without refreshments, of course, and being a lover of all things culinary, I prepared a selection of treats to munch on during the show.  Being that it was near 100 degrees (yes that's right. shoot me now), I needed snacks that would hold up and still taste good in the heat.  

Enter summer berries and fresh cut veggies.

Finishing off our spread was some nantucket trail mix served in a small canning jar.  Nutritious and delicious (sorry. couldn't resist).

What fun treats do YOU have planned for the holiday?

01 July 2012

favorite links :: call me maybe {with classroom instruments}

Have you all seen this awesome video from Jimmy Fallon's show?  It's Carly Rae Jepsen, Jimmy Fallon, and his band The Roots, playing Call Me Maybe with just elementary school classroom instruments!  It's so great... makes me smile.  Watch Carly's face, too... Jimmy's totally cracking her up.

Have a great Sunday!