27 July 2012

high five for friday!

high five for friday!
one: one of my favorite pandora stations for getting things done: shawn mcdonald.  it's accoustic. it's reflective. it's goooooood.two: actual air-dwelling plane landing on water. gets me every time.
three: my newest bridier baubles treasure!  
four: it's OLYMPIC time! (via)
five: i went to my yoga/pilates/tai chi class. it was wonderful and relaxing and hard and everything it should be, but there's no picture, because (really, now) no one wants to see that.

happy friday! i hope today is everything you need.



  1. Cam....love the High Five's! If you like Pandora, check out Ben Rector. You will love him...

  2. ooooh... Ben Rector. A new favorite! Thanks!


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