03 July 2012

Independence Day Festivities :: {the treats}

In our area, there is a wonderful July 4th celebration of fireworks choreographed to music.  Each year, the event takes place the weekend before the 4th, in order to allow for other celebrations on the holiday itself.

We started our evening with a trip to the ballpark.  We met up with some friends for the game, then stuck around and spread our blanket in the outfield after the game, and enjoyed the fireworks from our perch in the outfield.

No festivity would be complete without refreshments, of course, and being a lover of all things culinary, I prepared a selection of treats to munch on during the show.  Being that it was near 100 degrees (yes that's right. shoot me now), I needed snacks that would hold up and still taste good in the heat.  

Enter summer berries and fresh cut veggies.

Finishing off our spread was some nantucket trail mix served in a small canning jar.  Nutritious and delicious (sorry. couldn't resist).

What fun treats do YOU have planned for the holiday?

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