28 July 2012

just do it :: {and other slogans that make sense}

A few short weeks ago, this image was EVERYWHERE on Pinterest, and rightfully so, because it's awesome.
 Now, of course, I can't find the original source.  I am pretty sure it's courtesy of Nike.  If you happen to know the source, let me know!

Oh, those advertisers.  They really have it.  Just do it.

That's why they get paid the big bucks, right? Their ideas resonate, inspire, motivate.  

I was thinking recently about a couple things in my life that needed a little tweaking.  Specifically, I have a high need for some quiet time in my day, and my regular life doesn't allow true quiet to happen anytime after 8:00am.  Ridiculous, I realize, but it's truth.  I found that my frantic mornings were skewing my whole day - and not in a good way.   

Because I'm a planner, and because this is how I (in all my Type A glory) work, my mind was all a mess trying to plan out just precisely what I would do.  Step one. Step two. Step one sub point a, followed by a Venn diagram regarding issue a.b14 in the Appendix. And I was getting nowhere. And my {frantic} mornings turning into {not so great} days weren't getting any better.  

As ridiculous as it is, I needed a small epiphany to move me forward.  

Just DO it, I thought. My first step would be to DO something.  

And so I did.  Four days ago.  And every morning since (I know it's only been 4 days - don't judge me).  My alarm gets set extra early.  My coffee-maker is on timer.  The light next to my bed turns on automatically (thanks to my best waking-up trick, which is to set a timer to my lamp - yes, think Christmas lights - having it turn on before I wake up so my brain is fooled into thinking it's actually light out when I wake up).  When my alarm goes off, I give myself a couple minutes (no more than 5) to adjust to the reality that I will soon be exiting my bed, and during that process, I hear my coffee perking away.  Coffee is my true love, and is really what gets me out of bed. Not a drop should be wasted. Just kidding, but only kind of.

And so there you have it. As much as my dorky self needs a plan for every little thing, sometimes the plan just needs to be to DO something. Are you with me? 

new every morning

Aaaand, just because everyone needs a little something to make you smile with your whole self...

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  1. I love your morning wake up ideas! Mornings have always been hard for me and I struggle to find ways to make them more relaxing and enjoyable. I had a different reaction to the Nike ad when I saw it initially, but your spin on it made me look at it differently. Thanks.


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