12 July 2012

{life hacks for the busy gal} :: junk in her trunk

I came across a TREASURE this evening on Pinterest that I just had to share.
Heidi over at Castro HAPPYnings has fashioned an incredible "junk in the {literal} trunk" hack that I'll love forever.  Check it out below.  It's an all-about-town busy gal's dream.

Who hasn't found themselves in an unexpected situation, wishing they'd been able to anticipate their family's (or heck - their own!) needs? Heidi uses shower-caddy organizers to store items for her family while they're out and about or on a road trip.

Heidi's collection includes such necessities as first-aid items, sunscreen, bug spray, rain ponchos, snacks, tissues, office supplies, and more. 

Why I love it:
It shows
she cares. When you put thought and planning into anticipating the needs of people you love, it demonstrates love in a way that's tangible.  
  1. It's organized, yet still live-able.  We've all seen ideas that look beautiful in the picture, but moments after putting it to use in real-life become unmanageable. I feel that this idea is practical and attainable, even for people who aren't naturally ultra-organized.
  2. Being prepared pays off, literally.  Heidi alludes to this in her post, but making these kinds of purchases in bulk, or (even better!) when they're on sale is much more affordable than arriving at your destination and being forced to pay a premium at the local convenience store because it's your only option. 

How I'd customize it:

Even for someone who's not yet a mom, or has a different lifestyle, the idea is totally transferable.  
Change for meters:
In my car, I keep a pouch of change for parking meters. It's a big relief to find a parking spot and know I have the change I'll need to avoid the dreaded parking ticket.

  1. I often find myself in situations where I need a small "thank you" type token. For these situations, I'd add universally-appealing (think Starbucks, Panera, Amazon) gift cards in small values.  As a gift, they're a nice treat, and again, totally doable. Next time you're grabbing your latte, pick up a couple $5 gift cards for your trunk-junk collection.
  2. Extra makeup: When I'm headed to an event right after work, I often need just a little makeup touch-up.   We're not talking a complete makeover, but a fresh coat of mascara and swipe of bronzer can take me from looking like I had a long day at the office, to looking like I took a moment to gather myself.  It's always good to look put-together.  Along with a couple makeup items, I'd add a tester-sized perfume in a light scent. A squirt of light perfume never hurt anyone.

Make sure to check out Heidi's full post here, and if you pin the images, please pin from her original post.

What are some of the ways you prepare for the unexpected?

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  1. Great idea about the thank you gifts. I am often scrambling to purchase them and having some on hand would be a huge time saver. Thanks!


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