27 July 2012

oLyMpIcS twenty twelve!

I'm a sucker for the Olympics.  I don't really know what it is.  Maybe it's the ceremony, the tradition, the unity of nations, the coming-together of all these different folks for a common purpose.  Or maybe it's just that these athletes have worked so stinking hard, and get to enjoy the sweet fruits of their labor.

Whatever it is, I'm all in.

Check out this poster I came across.  If I was having an Opening Ceremonies party, you better believe this would be all the inspiration I'd need.  Let the record also show that this poster is also helpful because I can never really figure out how long the Olympics last. Thank you talented graphic artist for also helping out with the details.

In order to enjoy the upcoming olympiad (doesn't that remind you of the commercials? Welcome to {insert news network here}'s coverage of the {something roman numeral number} OLYMPIAD...), you will need a few resources.  I'm just here to help.
And now for some unadulterated national pride...

Did I spell that right? You know after you type something a million times, it looks all wrong?