31 August 2012

here it comes {autumn}

I don't know about you, but I'm experiencing high levels of shock that we have just a few days left of summer.  Do you feel it, though? There's a crispness to the air, even in the still-warm sun, that wasn't there a few short weeks ago. The world is ready for the change in season, and so am I.

Each year, I look forward to fall, and not just because I have a fall birthday.  There's something to it - a newness of season, a chill in the air, a routine to settle back into.  I look most forward to the routine, I think.  Routine is good for me. I do better when I'm all cozy settled-in to one.  I've been thinking recently about what's coming up for me, and what I'm most excited for.
  1. My college-gals' life group: Each Monday evening, a group of delightfully hyped-up college-age young ladies gather in my home.  We snack. We chat. We share our lives and our journeys. They are a joy, and oh how I've missed them this summer while they've (quite literally) traveled the globe and back.  
  2. The start to a Junior League Year: This year, I'm chairing my most-favorite committee.  Our group of very talented ladies plans and executes a prom-dress-shopping event for young ladies who might not otherwise get to go to prom.  It's a lot of planning and a lot of crazy, but to see those girls walk out with those dresses - so worth it.
  3. The Influence Conference: I'm so looking forward to attending my first blogging conference.  Actually, Influence isn't just for the bloggers out there.  It's for any women who have a desire to impact the world around them.  That's me, and I also blog.  As I've mentioned before, my mom and sister are also attending.  It's the weekend of my birthday, so there will be shenanigans.

What are YOU most anticipating about the change in season?

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  1. I am looking forward to wearing boots and scarves and sweaters! And I'm looking forward to having my wonderful interns and student employees back at my office. I missed their energy this summer and I need help desperately :)


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