08 August 2012

In search of the perfect gym bag

I have a need want in my life.  It's for a non-dorky, yet functional bag to carry with me to the gym.  

Allow me to explain.  My current gym bag (please refer to Exhibit A below) is fine.  It is not broken. It is not unusable.  It's just mediocre and a little dorky  and screams status quo (it's not even Nike... I just couldn't find a picture of the one I actually have...). The poor guy bag even traveled all the way to Kenya with me three years ago.  It's seen its share of the world and motion sickness.  While I'm grateful for the time we've had together, I'm ready for a change.  

Because I'm ready for something new, and in my perusing Pinterest the Great, I found almost nothing in the way of gym bag ideas, I thought maybe some of you lovely ladies have the same issue.  

Here's what I'm looking for:
1. Compartments: I'm not a huge fan of digging for my keys once I'm ready to head out to my car. I've already dealt with the workout. Just find me the blasted keys.
2. Medium-sized: This is not the bag that holds my gym clothes. This is just the bag that travels into the gym with me to carry my keys, phone, earbuds, gym towel, and workout ideas on an index card (because I always forget what to do once I get to the weights).
3. Sporty yet stylish: I don't want to look like a dude heading into the gym to play three-on-three with my buds. Enough said?
4. Yoga-friendly: I'm not a yoga-only gal, but I do relish the occasional Downward Facing Dog.  I'd love it if my new bag has a yoga mat holster. Or whatever it's called.

Let me share what I've found, in order by level of affordability:

1 \\ old navy 2 \\ lululemon 3 \\ anya hindmarch

What tips do you have about finding a just-right gym bag?


  1. Hey Cammie!!
    A) I love your writing style. I giggled through this post thinking this is how Cammie sounds. :0)

    B) I like 1 and 3 the best in case we were supposed to vote

    C) I love bags!! I like this bag. Ps. Price is totally excessive but I like the shape.

    D) I missed you at the shower. Did you know that I move back to WI? I would love to catch up some time.

    Michelle Minnihan

  2. Hi Mich!! I was so bummed to miss your shower! I'd love to see you... do you ever get to Madison? How's your new place?

  3. All the above gym bags are really awesome specially the pink one. It is so much essential element at the time when we are in gym. Because everything which is we use in the gym are safe on those bags. I think those bags are not very costly. I just wanna a bag like those as soon as possible.


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