02 August 2012

{life hacks for the busy gal} :: life-saving plugin for gmail

It's entirely possible that I'm just late to the party (I'm not so much the early adopter), but have you guys heard of Boomerang? It's my new favorite life hack.  

Basically, Boomerang is a plugin for Gmail (and as I understand it, is only optimized for use in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox - sorry IE enthusiasts - .... buehler?), that allows users to "boomerang" messages back to themselves at the appropriate time, either for purposes of follow-up, reminder, or timeliness.  It also allows users to set messages to be sent at a later time, or the same message on a recurring schedule.

I know, right?!  And I thought Outlook was good.

Why I love it:

  1. I can make things happen for later when my brain is working now.  Let's be honest.  We all have our off days.  Hopefully, we also all have our on days - days we're moving right through the to-do list, formulating grammatically-correct sentences, asking good questions, forming creative ideas.  THOSE are the days I want to take care of business.  Boomerang lets me do just that.  I'm in the mood to create the agenda for an upcoming meeting, but don't want to send it until 48 hours before the meeting? Great.  Draft the email; delay-send it for Tuesday.  I literally just did this 30 minutes ago.  Boom.

  2. It's lets me temporarily forget that I'm waiting on something from someone.  I am an amateur GTD'er (a la Getting Things Done - it's awesome. Google it.), and one of the focuses of the Getting Things Done theory is that you need to "close loops", and not have a million things hanging out in your noggin all the time.  Create systems you can count on so you can focus on what's right now.  Enter Boomerang.  Send a message.  Tell Boomerang to send your message back to you if your recipient hasn't responded (or even if they did, if you'd so prefer) within a certain time period.  Set it and forget it.  Boom again.

Give it a try!  


  1. This looks fantastic! I am going to try this tomorrow. I have been looking for a solution to remind me that I am waiting for answers from others. Thanks.

  2. I downloaded the Outlook version today. It's not as robust as the gmail version, but still quite handy!

    1. Oooh, I wondered about the Outlook plugin! Thanks for the heads up on it... I think I'll give it a try this week!


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