20 August 2012

{settling in} :: how to

As I mentioned yesterday, my baby sister moved to a new city this weekend. She's starting a new phase of life, my little college-goer sister.  

Change can be a challenge for anyone, especially where major life-change is concerned, but take heart. There are a few simple ways to make a transition to a new city that much more enjoyable.

1. Take care of the urgent first: With any move (whether or not you're starting at a new school), there are always items to be taken care of that are more urgent than others. Maybe it's calling the cable guy, or turning on the hot water heater.  If you take care of those first, you'll better be able to enjoy the parts of the process that are fun (like shopping for new decorations!), without worrying about what you really *should* be doing. This weekend, our first stop was the school bookstore, to pick up all sister's required textbooks.  We spent a small fortune (holy CATS textbooks are expensive), but got what she needs to start the semester strong.  Looking at all the books also made me want to go back to school is a secret little way. Another topic for another day.

2. Find your spots: We all have our favorite stores, restaurants, and coffee shops. To help yourself feel more comfortable in your new location, make a short list of your "spots", and find those places soon after you arrive. Our short list consisted of Starbucks, TJ Maxx, and Target.  The fact that there's a Chik Fil A just a few short minutes from sister's new apartment is just icing.

3. Sustenance: As we rolled into town late in the evening our first night in town, we made a quick stop at Target for a few grocery staples, including milk, peanut butter, bananas, and yogurt.  Long days turn into long nights when you're settling in, and sometimes when you're on a roll with a project, stopping and freshening up to grab dinner just isn't convenient. By stocking up on a few essentials before you get started, you can keep going once you've gotten going.  My sister and I are also Starbucks loyalists.  Late nights and little sleep made a few coffee stops necessary.  Don't avoid the inevitable. :)

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4. Make plans to see each other again: Goodbyes really aren't my favorite thing, especially when my sister's on the other end. My boyfriend gave me a great idea to make the goodbye into a see-ya-soon, by suggesting we make plans for the next time we'll see each other.  In this case, our family will be together at The Lake over Labor Day, which is just two weeks away.  Six weeks after that, we'll be going together (with our mom!!) to the Influence Conference.  Because the three of us all celebrate October birthdays, I imagine we'll find some fun ways while we're in Indy (the place of my birth, coincidentally) for the conference, for a little birthday love.  The weeks will fly, and we'll be back together again. Exhale.

Side note: There are lots of great tools out there for making transition simpler. While at a friend's home the other night, I browsed Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook. There's a nice piece in there about a "first day/night" box (or something), where she gives suggestions for a box of items you'll need during your first day or night in a new home.  

What are your best settling-in ideas?

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  1. Because I am challenged when it comes to maps and directions, my husband helped me during past moves by taking me driving and showing me the main highways and different ways to get home. He can understand the layout of a new city very quickly and it is a lifesaver to have him helping me learn to navigate efficiently.


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