06 September 2012

time to commit

Over the past three years, I've so enjoyed The Nester's 31 Days series (serieses?).  What in the world is the plural of series?!  Not only is such a series chock-full of inspiration and idea-ation, it's an opportunity for the reader to gain perspective, hear voice, better-know.

It's for those reasons, and because it's just plain fun, that this year I'll be linking up with a 31 Days series of my own.  Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... please meet my little buddy...

i'm in.

Yes, that's right.  For the month of October, we'll spend some time talking about the things that just plain old make life better.  Fun, right? 

Join me!


  1. Super fun! Great idea.

  2. That is SO fun! Looking forward to seeing your posts--sounds like a fun series. She inspired me to do my first 31 days series too. It's been so fun coming up with all the posts. Good luck!


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