03 September 2012

{weekender} :: hello goodbye

I hope you are enjoying a wonderfully relaxing last splash of this summer sun.  

My family began our weekend with the four hour trek north for our ritual cottage-closing activities.  Although we do enjoy trips north during the winter for snowmobiling and other chilled-to-the-bone fun, each September we take out the boats, and the dock, and bid summertime goodbye until next year.  Since all the siblings and their munchkins (human and canine - hello creative sleeping arrangements) gathered up north, we also took the opportunity to toast to and celebrate my parents' 40th wedding anniversary.  It's something to celebrate in these flea-when-things-get-tough times, no?  There was bubbly and laughter and nieces and nephews and beautiful family fun.  The good, however, was accented with certain sadness, though.  Today, we head five hours (literally and figuratively) in the other direction to celebrate and say a final goodbye to our dearly loved most-favorite uncle.  This world has lost a man whose love for his God, family, community, and world was spoken in each of his actions. He's gone far too soon, which none of us will ever understand.  Pray for our family, if you're the praying kind.  He leaves behind an equally impactful wife and five of the best cousins you could ask for.