24 September 2012

{where have you been}

goodness i've been asking myself the same question!

Enter exhibit a:
exhibit a
This is my desk. At my office. My dual-screened central command, post-it note black hole. Things at work have been wacko.  And when I say wacko, I mean 7:00am-7:00pm kinds of wacko.  Many hours and blurry eyes.  It's just temporary, though, while we get some new staff in place and move through a couple transitions.  All good stuff. Just time-consuming good stuff.

I'm still early-morning going strong. And using this mug whenever it's clean.

exhibit b

My life group gals are back!  I may have mentioned how much I love these college girls who share their monday evenings with me. They brighten my life. I reward them with coffee cake (please remind me to give you this recipe) and as much pink as I can find.

exhibit c

Last week, I had a meeting in Minneapolis.  I'm proud to say I did not get even remotely lost on my way to this wholly-unfamiliar meeting location, though I got as close (I am sure) as I've ever come to running out of gas.  It was a REALLY close call.  Dang.

This is my best trick for remembering where I parked in a parking structure.  iPhone >> camera >> click. 

exhibit d

 A trip to the Twin Cities also allowed me to spend some quality time with my favorite kiddos.  My 7 year old nephew W and 5 year old niece S (and their 2 year-old-runs-like-a-ten-year-old) little brother B (and their parents of course) were my hosts for late-night laughing, games of memory  playing, mall of america shopping, 80 kids on the ice hockey-practicing fun.  I love kids.  Especially these guys.

exhibit e
We had a little Friday Night Lights fun.  It was the big game between the two high schools in the town my family lives in - and homecoming for one of them, to boot.  There was the crispness in that football air. And lots of nachos.  And the class of 2023 (see exhibit e).

PS. If you have never watched Friday Night Lights: run - don't walk - to your nearest Netflix.  Start with season one.

exhibit f

Thanks for stickin' with me, all. It's good to be back.

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  1. Good to have you back on here...my google reader has been looking a bit odd without a new post from Polka Dotted Peony!


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