05 October 2012

31 days :: change of scenery

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I'm traveling for work this week.  I'm just a short flight away from home, but it's so nice to get away for a couple days, even if I am working and learning and in-taking. A change of scenery for me is like the first breath of air outside the sauna.  It feels different, cool, and it's refreshing.  

I'll be traveling again next week, too, to head to the Influence Conference.  It will be a completely different feeling, and I just can't wait.

Even with all the change-of-scenery hype, I can't wait to get home.  Do you ever have that feeling? You itch to get away, and when you get there, you itch for home.  Grass-is-always-greener, I suppose.

What are your favorite ways to get a change of scenery?

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