03 October 2012

31 days :: getting up early

I've always considered myself a *not* morning person.  

I love bed.  
I love my memory foam pillow. 
I love the duvet cover my mom made for me.  
And I used to love waking up late - or at least as late as I possibly could without missing whatever I needed to be ready for that day - or at least as late as I could without getting a caffeine headache.  How's that for ridiculous?

You may remember awhile back when I decided to start getting up early.  I kid you not - it's changed my life.  I know, right? It sounds a little over the top, and I might be a total outlier, but it's making a big difference for me.  The little bit of time before the day begins allows me to have some quiet time, and to think over the day.  It allows me to leave for work in a non-chaotic fashion, which is quite lovely, in fact.  Overall - it helps me feel like I'm getting a head start on the day - not the other way around.

How I'm making it work: 

1. I use an app on my phone called Sleep Cycle.  The thing is miraculous.  Before going to sleep, you tell the app the latest time in the morning you need to wake up.  During the night, the app remains open, and lives near your head, in bed.  As you sleep, it tracks the depth of your sleep, and as your desired wake time approaches, it wakes you (with the most wonderfully pleasant music) at the time your body is most ready to be awoken, based upon your movements.  IT IS WONDERFUL, and I swear it works.  Since it tracks your depth of sleep, you can also check out how you slept on any given night.  Here's how I slept last night:

not so much the model sleeper

2. I may have mentioned... The light next to my bed turns on automatically (thanks to my best waking-up trick, which is to set a timer to my lamp - yes, think Christmas lights - having it turn on before I wake up so my brain is fooled into thinking it's actually light out when I wake up). 

3. My coffee maker is set on timer. When my alarm gets turned off, I can hear my Pikes Place perking away.  It's full-on Pavlov.

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  1. Yes, this app has changed my life!! And my husbands...thanks for sharing it with us! A true life-changer that we have passed along as well!

  2. you're too brave. i'm not a morning person either, I hit my snooze button so many times, it's really ridiculous. This makes sense though. good for you!

  3. the app is really the reason getting up early has gotten easier. you should check it out! thanks for visiting!


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