19 October 2012

31 days :: hair magic

kerastase oleo relax
I'm not typically the one who buys salon-only hair care items.  For instance, I use and love Dove shampoo.  I rarely use conditioner (I swear it makes my hair too soft...), but when I do, that's also Dove.  

That being said, I love my stylist, and trust her completely.  She's the only stylist who's  mastered taking-the-weight-out of my very thick hair. Her method is magic, because she does it in such a way that all the weight is taken from the under-area of my hair, and there aren't different lengths of hair where they can be seen.  

Sooooo... when my most-trusted-hair-advisor called kerastase's oleo relax 'liquid gold', I took her pretty seriously.  It only took her using it on my hair once for me to be sold. Quite literally, of course.  

Oleo Relax is a serum that's applied immediately after washing, and left on the hair.  I find that it reduces my dry-time significantly.  Also, once dried and styled, my hair is more manageable and has a much lighter (yet easy to style) texture.  

Because my hair is so thick and has some wave to it, I've really had to master the beast.  I don't recommend hair care items lightly, because I know that hair is so specific to the individual.  

I love my stylist, but I don't love the people who price the merchandise in her salon. :)  Oleo Relax runs $50-$60 when I buy it retail.  On Amazon, however, I typically don't pay more than $35 for the same size bottle (it's HERE for $32.89).  Yowza.  I love a good deal.

Another favorite? Kerastase Nectar Thermique.

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