11 October 2012

31 days :: inspiration

For creatives (and everyone, really), it's important to know your go-to places for a little inspiration.  As I've mentioned before, I don't have a super-creative day job, so I relish the opportunity to spend a little time getting inspired.

When I look in my closet at the zillions of clothing items and see nothing to wear? I head to J. Crew. For some reason, that's all it takes for me to have outfits in my closet from here 'till Sunday, because I'm reminded of how to put good outfits together.

This one's ridiculous. When I can't remember what weight-lifting things I should do at the gym? I head to Pinterest. Not only is it inspiring (and a little maddening if we're being honest) to see the various levels of six-pack abs that are shown (seriously?! six packs?!), there are a variety of ideas for what to do with the blasted hand-weights.

When my home feels a little stale? My organization lacking? I have a couple go-to bloggers whose ideas I love and find approachable and doable. They're real gals living in real homes with real lives. The Nesting Place is where I go for an idea about how to arrange my bookcase or whether or not I should put a stump in my living room (which I just did - pics later). I Heart Organizing is where I go when I need to clear the organizing cobwebs.  The girl is out of this world organized and I love it.

This morning, I'll head to Indy for The Influence Conference.  I'm so excited, not only because it's a mini-getaway with my mom and sister, or because of all the talented speakers and other ladies who will attend, but because I'm bound to find inspiration.  

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