02 October 2012

31 Days :: Mini Pumpkin Cakes

Today is the day!  My first of 31 blog posts about things that make life better.  I wrote about Nester's great concept a few weeks back and I have been anxiously awaiting October so I can get started.  I have my lists made and it really is a bit tempting to blurt out all of my ideas in one grand post today, but I will pace myself and start with just one.  

image credit.
Thanks to my friend L for inspiring this post!

Aren't these baby cakey pumpkins just too much?!  I love a good project that keeps our hands busy and gives our brains a break!  

I am looking forward to making these adorable mini-pumpkin cakes with my small friend, Jack, a toddler who likes baking projects.  We are going to use Kit Kat bars for the stems and he wants to only make orange pumpkins, but I may mix things up with some white and may even get crazy with some brown.  What fall projects do you have planned at your house?

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  1. Dear Cammie: I like your blog and the pumpkin cakes. Love Jack.


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