23 October 2012

31 days :: sister

I have three brothers.  They came before my sister.  Actually - one of them even came before me.  Once I got old enough to pray my own prayers, I prayed EVERY night for a sister.  Boys were boring and loud and push-around-ey, and I really just wanted someone whose nails I could paint.

When the younger of my two younger brothers was born, I remember sitting at the top of the steps in our house. I was all of eight years old.  My dad had just come home from the hospital. I think he was coming to pick us up to visit our new sibling.  

I was so ready to be told I had a sister.  That my eight-year-old-sweet-girl prayers had been answered. 

Another hockey player! he said. 

I cried. (hi Ty - sorry. :))

Three years later, my baby sister was born.  Yes. Five kids in my family. It was a crazy place.

I didn't know it then (though I think I kind of knew), but the girl is my soul mate.  God gave her to me because he knew.  He knew I needed someone who can read my mind, who can lay around watching Real Housewives for nearly a whole Saturday even if it's Season 1 and we have the lines memorized.  

She's a special girl, that one.  And she makes MY life better.

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  1. My sister is my best friend too... Y'all are so cute!!

  2. I have two sisters and they are my best friends as well. It's so great to have a sister that gets you and you can confide in. I can totally sense the love you have for her in this post!

  3. thanks ladies! sisters are pretty much the best!!! :)


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