09 October 2012

Three-ish years ago, I joined a new gym.  It's a fine gym.  Pretty standard, in fact.  Plenty of people of all kinds of everything, and one poor lady who .. um .. yikes those undies are totally showing.

Here's the deal:

help me source this image!

I'm what you call an amateur.  And I have never loved the very large weight room mirrors showing all the bulging-bicep weight lifter men just how little weight I'm having a hard time lifting.  I mean give me a break.  

Enter my favorite feature of my gym:  Ladies-only workout area.  Yes, that's right.  There's a miracle behind those frosted-glass doors. 

Run and flail about.  

Lift 5 pound hand weights and get sweaty.  

Spend a few minutes looking at the instructional graphics on the weight machine before you hop on.  

No one's lookin'.  

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