08 November 2012

life hacks for the busy gal :: a simple gathering

Earlier this week, I had a few of my junior league ladies over to talk business - the kind of business that only junior leaguers discuss, including the details of arranging hundreds of donated prom dresses for perusal by hundreds of high school girls who'll leave with a smile on their face and a free prom dress in hand, all set to attend prom.  Junior League business also usually involves wine, which is really just an added benefit.

In making arrangements for my guests, I knew we had planned an evening gathering, and I'd promised wine and snacks.  A simple gathering, as it were.

I love to entertain. Hospitality comes pretty naturally to me, and having people in my home makes me feel alive. I like the idea of {HOME} (see what I did there? it's like home+hug), and helping people to feel comfortable - not just the come-on-in-and-make-yourself-at-home kind of comfortable, but the you-are-loved-and-accepted-and-appreciated kind of comfortable... the kind of comfortable where your people know you put in some time and work and effort because they're worth it.

Because I love it so, I've done a good amount of entertaining. I'm thankful my mom taught me the basics from the time I was a little girl, and I've really just grown into myself with more experience.  Though getting ready to have people in your home can be stress-inducing at times, there are definitely a few tips I use to make it more doable.

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  1. If only a few scented candles were all it took to make my home suitable for adults to enter... :) The mess part I have down pat.


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