07 November 2012

what i wore :: to the corn maze in the cold

This weekend, we gathered a group together for dinner-at-a-diner and some old fashioned corn maze fun.  In the midwest, November is when it starts to get ACTUAL cold.  That October chill was not real.  November is when it gets real.  Like turn-on-your-heat-cause-it's-60-degrees-in-here cold.  Amen.

We went to the same corn maze last year, and I froze.  I looked cute (before I put on my man's seriously oversized fleece), but I was so dang cold I almost didn't have fun.  That's not actually true. It was really fun. I was just really cold. 

This year, I decided to opt for good-looking but practical.  Enter winter coat for the first time this year. And boots. Fuzzy ones.

bibb necklace - bridier baubles
long vest (old) - banana republic
black ruffle long sleeved tee - loft
leggings - gap active
cranberry knitted uggs
iphone 4s case by daninotes on etsy

pleated poppy