05 November 2012

write your love story custom chalkboard

This spring, one of my closest girlfriends got married to the man of her dreams.  

It's been several months, but I'm so excited to share the wonderful gift my friend Katie custom-made to commemorate the special occasion.

These chalkboards have been all over the place on Pinterest, and I was so pleased I could have one made by someone locally, and support someone whose artwork I love, to boot.  

I found a simple black frame at my local Michael's, and paired the chalkboard with these bright and fun chalkboard markers. 

I wrapped the package in simple brown kraft paper (one of my favorite ways to wrap!), and used the markers as a gift topper.  Sometimes it's fun to use the wrapping to give a hint as to the package contents.

What are some of your favorite wedding gift ideas? How do you encourage your friends to write their love story?

ps. need an emergency compliment? or just a giggle?

pps. thinking about something like this for my christmas packages this year.

ppps. or maybe one of these - probably the one with the yellow puffs.