30 December 2012

Christmas City Swap 2012

This Christmas, the wonderful Allie of Be Up & Doing hosted a Christmas City Swap.  She matched us up with other bloggers around the country, and our task was to gather local items and put together a city-special package for our recipient. What fun! This is right up my alley (no pun intended), so I signed right up!

I received my package from miss Hannah over at The Homesteady.  Her home city is Northampton, Massachusetts, and apparently that city has a wonderful fragrance, because the package she sent me sure does!  I love these little luxuries.

For my package, I took some help from one of my favorite local boutique wine + coffee shops. We selected some local-to-Wisconsin gin, and some rhubarb hopps to make the perfect gin + tonic, along with the most delectable sea salt caramels I've tasted to date.  I'm a proud Junior-Leaguer, so we topped it off with our local chapter's cookbook, Mad About Food.  

Off it went to Nicole over at Probably Polka Dots!

I had even more fun with the City Swap than I'd predicted. What a wonderful way to connect with other bloggers, support small + local business, and enjoy treats from other geographies, all at the same time.  What fun!