20 December 2012

snowpocalypse {and other words that don't exist}

It's a winter wonderland around these parts . We had it coming, really.  Last winter was more like a really chilly fall, and this summer was beastly hot, so much so that most of my time was spent next to my air conditioning vent.  

The snow is falling, swirling, piling, beautiful.  Our office is closed due to the blizzard today {boo ya don't have to take a vacation day today}, which never happens.  The governor declared a state of emergency.  My Christmas tree is lit up and decorated, my coffee pot full.  

I took several days off work this week, which also never happens.  I have a 90 minute massage scheduled for later this morning, and started worrying about 24 hours ago that it would be cancelled due to the weather, thus resulting in 3-4 phone calls. You know, just to make sure it's still on.  Thank heavens it is. I've been looking forward to these 90 minutes for about 92374 days.  

I have big and grand plans for my days off this week.  In preparation for snowed-in day today, I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday.  I also did five million errands I've been putting off for such a day as yesterday.  It was awesome.  Every last letter on that list got crossed off, and I did so many returns I swear I MADE money. Talk about bliss for this type-a.

Today is "bundled up day", and I am.  Until my massage at 11:00. But that's really still bundled and blissful.  On today's agenda is lots of organizing (did you know I LOVE to organize? I just barely ever do it because it takes time, which I don't really have lots of). I'm organizing my various manuals and warranties (a la alejandra.tv) and hanging a little basket in my entry closet for gym towels and heading-out-the-door gear.  Have I mentioned I love Command hooks? I don't love the idea of me wielding a hammer or screws, but those little hooks allow me to do the same stuff without permanent holes. Brilliance.  

Tomorrow is my personal planning + goal-setting day.  I'll take a look at 2012 and its ups and downs.  Upon us is 2013 - another year - and we only get so many.  I'll be spending time with my journal, my calendar, my bible, and this here blog.  And maybe the StrengthsFinder assessment, although I don't have many questions about my strengths and weaknesses, sometimes you just need to hear it again.

I'll be back tomorrow with a Girl Behind the Blog vlog about Christmas traditions.