23 January 2013


Pajaki Chandelier via

Loving: The fact that it's staying lighter in the evenings. It may be sub-zero temperatures in these parts, but at 5:30, we've still got some sunlight!  Here comes spring.

Cooking:  Paula Deen's Hot Chicken Salad.  It's such a nice warm dish for a cold winter lunch or dinner.  I modify a bit and add a can of cream of chicken soup. I also use french-fried onions for the topping, instead of chips, which is what the recipe calls for.  Not only is this dish delicious the first time around, it tastes great as leftovers. 

Watching: Nashville, duh.  I am such a sucker for shows and movies about musicians.  If you haven't' checked it out, I highly recommend giving it a shot.  The music is original, the actors can sing, and the storyline is catchy.

Looking Forward To: The Super Bowl (can we say that on blogs? ahem The Big Game)! No, people, the football is so not the main attraction.   It's the National Anthem and the Halftime Show!  The National Anthem is going to be performed by miss Alicia Keys (here's a preview in case that's not enough to get you in your seat on time (which BY THE WAY I hosted a Super Bowl party last year and wouldn't you know I missed the National Anthem?! It's only my favorite three minutes of the whole dang game!). The halftime show, then is going to be performed by miss Beyonce, who is also quite wonderful, but just got caught lip-syncing the national anthem at this most-recent inauguration. Not cool Mrs. Zee, but I can't wait for your half time show.