03 January 2013

Favorite Things 2012 :: Cast of Characters

Last Christmas, the ladies in my family started a new Favorite Things gift exchange tradition.  Getting together and exchanging each of our most-favorite things has become one of our most-anticipated Christmas traditions, and this year did not disappoint.

I have a nice and large family:

Dad D
Mom J
Big Brother M
Little Brother K (not little at all)
Littler Brother T (not little at all)
Little Sister M
and ME! I'm second oldest.

Two of my brothers are married, so I have two awesome sisters-in-law. Couldn't really get  much better than them. 

My sweet niece S gets to tag along (lucky duck!) because she doesn't have any girl cousins to bomb around with while the adult ladies are doing our favorite things thing!

The Cast of Characters:

Aren't they beautiful? I love them.

We headed out to lunch at one of my favorite local eateries (which coincidentally had a bad fire yesterday -- wwaaaaahhhhh boohoo #pleasere-opensoon), and capped off our lunch with our favorite things exchange. 

Come on back tomorrow for all the GOODS that we exchanged.