07 January 2013

Favorite Things 2012 :: What I Gifted

Over the Christmas holiday, the gals in my family had our 2nd-annual Favorite Things gift exchange.  I LOVE gift-giving (pretty sure it's my love language), and each year, start thinking in January about what I will gift at our upcoming exchange (girl's gotta think ahead!).  

This fall, I happened to stumble upon Emily Ley's beautiful + fresh website and her correspondingly lovely line of stationary products. As I perused the site, I found Emily's line of Great Day plates, which are adorable and unusual all at the same time.  Thus my favorite things gift for 2012 was born.  

I love gifts that are thoughtful and a little silly all at the same time.  It's so fun to think of us adult ladies setting our very adult tables with these plates after a great day.  LOVE IT.  Plus it's slightly hilarious.

This isn't a sponsored post. The lovely ladies at Emily Ley don't know who I am. Well, actually, Gina, their Creative Director knows me. I emailed her approximately 75 times to make sure my package was going to make it in time.  They're a lovely bunch, I tell ya!  If you shop them (I hope you will), tell them I sent you (especially if you talk with Gina). :)