11 January 2013

wedding bells (this is not an announcement)

nerd girl alert:  i. love. weddings.  always have.

i myself have not yet gotten to have a wedding (ahem), and i'm a big believer that the marriage is a gazillion times more important than the wedding itself, so let's not get out of hand.

that being said - weddings are beautiful and people are happy and love is lovely and it brings together all the couples' most special people all in the same room.  doesn't happen again until, well, you're not there.

i recently came across minted's inspiration boards, and their inspiration board challenge (where you can win up to $1000 - wowza!) which is almost like pinterest, in that you create a board of your favorite looks and ideas, to help you crystalize the overall look you're going for.  how fun, right?!  

here's one of my favorites from the inspiration boards i perused…

and a few items from my omg {i'm secretly a wedding inspiration board} board on pinterest...

so go ahead.  create an inspiration board. youknowyouwantto.