16 January 2013

words to walk with

During my self-imposed Christmas vacation, you may remember that I took one day as a personal planning day.  It's super helpful for me to have time alone in general, and especially helpful when I'm looking to reflect back, for the purpose of making plans for the upcoming year.  

I took some time to write down the good things about 2012.  I also wrote down the things about 2012 that were really hard or disappointing.  There were a few, but it was really healing to think on them and write them down.  I did some planning for this here blog, and I set some real actual goals (not new years resolutions*) I took the StrengthsFinder assessment. The resulting strengths-report did not surprise me, but was nice to reflect on.  I had my caramel brûlée latte in a ceramic mug, because that's a treat, since I almost always drive-thru or have to jet to my next destination.

It was quite lovely.

I think personal planning day is a new tradition for cammie.

Another piece of my time with myself was to select a verse that I hope will provide a framework for my year.  It's a beautiful verse from the Old Testament - Zephaniah (poor guy - nobody ever talks about him), to be specific.

Isn't it beautiful? For this type-A, performance-driven girl, the thought of God taking DELIGHT in me, REJOICING over me…  hard to swallow, but true - and so my 2013 Words to Walk With is born.  

Do you have any words to walk with this year? Did you take some time at year-end to reflect or plan? I'd love to hear what works for you!

*Because they are a setup for failure, and why do that to yourself year after year?