11 February 2013


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Spring is coming… can you smell it? There's just something in the air, isn't there?

With that in mind, here's what's currently on mine:

Watching: I know it's on its way out, but if you haven't yet seen Les Miserables, GO. It's a beautiful story of love and grace and redemption. The singing is exceptional. The acting believable.

Pinning: Spring is on the way, and summer not far behind. I can tell because Pinterest is exploding with lovely beach and lake and lawn game and sunshiny images. CAN'T. WAIT. FOR. THE. WARM. (I know it's going to be awhile. Leave me alone.)

Wearing:  It's still cold here in the north. Have I ever told you how my winter coat has changed my winters for the better warmth?

Snuggling: Remember this mustache-themed baby boy shower? The little nugget-honoree is now a newborn baby boy. I can't get enough of the snuggles.  No, really. Can't get enough. 

Spinning: No, really. I have been. Spinning. At my gym.  


  1. I am dying for a little spring! We have been bundling up every day and getting some sunshine even if its chilly. This mama is feeling a little cabin fever coming on!

    Missed you on a Mastermind hangout!

  2. I still haven't seen Les Mis! Can't wait :)

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