01 February 2013

simple DIY sparkle pen cup

I'm not a huge DIYer, because I just don't have the patience.  It's a shock, really, because my mom loves to knit, sew, paint, and basically every other use-your-hands hobby there is.  Not me.  I get bored and antsy.

Once in awhile, though, I'll see something adorable online for some slightly outrageous price, and decide it'll take a small enough amount of time that I'm going to give it a try.

I was browsing the other day, and came across this real cute  glittered mason jar.  The price isn't actually all that bad, but I had a few clear glass votive holders that I'd used up and dishwashered so they're good as new. I'd intended to find a little project for them, and this was just the thing.

I grabbed some tacky glue and gold shimmery glitter at Michael's craft store.  The glitter is REALLY sparkly, which I am so very happy about.  It was in the scrapbook aisle. I found lots of other glitters in different aisles, but this was my favorite because of its texture.

please excuse my freaky finger

almost done!

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