06 February 2013

system failure

If you know me, you know I love a good system.  I am a 'yes' person (another topic entirely), which means that at any given time, I have a number of projects I'm working on, things I'm committed to.  

Enter good systems. I need them. My brain can't hold it all, so my systems need to.  This is one reason I love Getting Things Done (while I was committed to practicing it, for approximate 46 days - must work on that) - the system takes the pressure off your brain, and puts it in the system. Love it.  The book is 35% off at Amazon right now - good time to buy if you're interested!

Anywhoooooo… back on track.

I keep a grocery list in my phone's notepad.  Super high tech, I know.  Leave me alone.

My phone is always near me, and whenever I notice I'm getting low on a spice, ingredient, kitchen item, I stick it on my list and forget it.  

This has worked famously for me so far… when I'm at Target, I pull up the list, and voila! - my list.

I was at Target this weekend, getting my groceries, and pulled up my list. GROCERY LIST FAIL. AUTO-CORRECT FAIL.

What. Is. RIGEL?!

My system has failed me a little bit here, people. Let's be honest and say I have no idea what I typed that would have resulted in a RIGEL auto correct, but you can be sure that while I'm cooking some amazing recipe, we'll figure out what rigel was, when I don't have any OREGANO (or some other vital ingredient that there are no viable substitutions for).

I'm leaving it there for now, in case by some miracle I remember what I wrote, but we can all be sure I'm going to keep an eye on auto-correct from now on.  Geesh.