25 February 2013

The Girl Behind the Blog - an Interview with my Sister!

I'm linking up once again today with Ashley from 5 oh Wifey…  for a little interview action with my sister.

There are antics.

And the audio / video sync is really annoying, for which I apologize. Apple and I are going to be having a little sesh on how to avoid this in future videos.




  1. Aww, I love sisters!! I have one 2 years younger and we are best friends. Love that your sis went on and on about what she loves about you!! :)

  2. Oh, love that you are interviewing your sister for this! Such a fun idea! And, um... at home waxing? So brave! I'd love to see a DIY of this!

  3. You guys are so cute! And gorgeous! Eeek that story of the eyebrow incident just makes me cringe for you. Glad you survived to tell the tale! :)

  4. I loved this! Y'all are hilarious. I'm glad you survived to tell the story of the eyebrow fiasco, Cammie!

  5. You too are so fun! Wish I could be RL friends with you both.


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