18 February 2013

Valentine's City Swap :: What I Gifted

Remember over Christmas, when I participated in Allie Lehman's Christmas City Swap? It was such fun exchanging local goodies with other bloggers in other cities. Such fun, in fact, that when Allie announced a Valentine's Day City Swap, I signed right up!

As a reminder, here's the task: Come up with a small gift or card to send to someone else in another city.  The contents of the package must be sourced locally from your city.  

My City Swap recipient was Susan at Thoughts from the Edge. I put together a pretty little  local coffee combo.

When Susan first opened her box, she was greeted with a friendly hello...

Howdy-Hi-Hello was followed by some yummy coffee and a chubby mug from mad-town.

Once again, I visited one of my favorite local shops to select the goodies. I love that their tagline is Wine for the masses, Coffee for the people. 

Another City Swap success!

What were your favorite Valentine's items to gift this year?


  1. What a sweet idea! I love gift giving too (especially coffee!). I have an enormous mug collection, but I keep buying more. Sounds like a fun Valentine's Day activity for you and your blogger friends.

  2. Aww too fun!


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