21 March 2013

A Day in the Life

Every day is different, right?  Thank goodness for that.

Here is one of mine… A Tuesday, in fact.

I have taught myself to wake up early.  My saving grace in the endeavor has been this sleep app, which tracks my sleep, and wakes me when my body is most ready to be awoken, within the time period I determine. Looks like my sleep last night could have used a little TLC.  Lots going on, I guess.

Morning tradition = coffee + quiet time.  Plus I love this mug.

There need be no argument on the perfect coffee / cream ratio. 
The proof is in the pudding coffee, and it should look like this.


I am a creature of habit, and I eat eggs every. single. morning.  
PS. That plant in the background is dying a slow death. 
It's really very sad, and I swear I tried to revive it.

Like my new iPhone case?

I work for a financial services firm, where this is what meetings are made of. 
Riveting, I know. As a sidebar, who needs spell check?

Pre-meeting stop at the bucks for a latte and my new re-usable mug.  

See the guy in the bright green walking away? 
I just talked him out of giving me a parking ticket.
"Yes, well...I was only in starbucks for like two minutes, grabbing this latte…."

Meeting with clients + their attorney.  

After work spinning class.  Yeow.

Holy full-circle. 

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Can't wait to see all your days!


  1. Woah! That sleep app looks awesome. I may need to get that, been having a lot of sleep issues lately. Bless you for waking up so early!! It was great to have a little peak inside your day!

    ps. great idea, by the way. :)

  2. That sleep app does look really cool. Might have to try it :)
    Also, is that a voss water or an actual water bottle on your spin bike? Um...if it's an actual water bottle it looks very cool :D

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for stopping by. Yes. The sleep app is life-changing. Not even exaggerating. :) The water bottle is just a regular water bottle… I think I got it at Target! :) Thanks again for stopping by, friend!

  3. It sounds like we need a sleep hygiene support group here! You know some big words. I bet you sound so smart when you say them. And when you wear your glasses you look smart AND beautiful.

  4. Yes, I need that app! I'm a morning person, but it's been difficult for me to get myself out of bed lately. Your day looks so different from mine--I feel like you're my fancy business friend. :)

  5. Scrambled eggs yummy!
    Starbucks?! Awesome!
    I'm honestly feeling hungry now :)

  6. That is my favorite Starbucks in Madison!

  7. YES, that is what coffee should look like.
    YES, I love your new phone case
    and I think it is awesome that you do spin class after work!!

  8. I saw Erin @ Living in Yellow's blurb about you and your blog in her latest post and while I was browsing your blog, I saw your picture of the street from your car post-Starbucks trip and I thought "Hey, that street lamp sign/banner thingy looks familiar. Huh." Then I saw you are in the Junior League of Madison - I'm a student at UW and one of my advisors in my sorority is in Junior League as well! Hi from a fellow Madisonian :) Hope you are enjoying your vacation!!


    1. Amy oh my goodness what a small world!!! So glad you stopped by. Is your advisor Lori L by chance? So great to hear from you… Thank you again for being in touch. xoxo


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