26 March 2013

My Inner Foodie (vlog)

It's Girl Behind the Blog time again!

Following along in a reader? Check out the video HERE.

Here are links to the recipes I refer to in the vlog. Enjoy!

Pastor Ryan's Salmon
Pioneer Woman Simple Perfect Chili

And one more for good measure…
Pioneer Woman Thai Chicken Wraps (dang gina these are so good)


  1. your video is set to private :) You can change it by editing in youtube!

  2. Fruit! YUM. I tend to forget how much I love fruit, right up until I eat it!

  3. Oh my goodness, now I really need to some fruit. I'm going to have to go make a smoothie because all my fruit is frozen right now haha!

    And I'm so with you- Pioneer Woman is hilarious and her recipes are golden. Love. I've never made chili before (it's kinda my dad's thing) but I just might have to now!

    Hope you have a lovely week, Cammie!!

  4. Hello again, Cammie! Ummmm I feel like I didnt meet you at the conference and this is so sad to me. Maybe this year? And now all I want is fruit (which is not a bad pregnancy craving to have)

  5. PINEAPPLE! Oh man, I had the same issue with pineapples last year- they tore my mouth up, except I kept eating them and living through the pain. I tried again this spring and I'm loving it with no side effects! So nice to meet you through this little hop! It's so fun getting to hear people the first time you are introduced to their blog!


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