09 April 2013

Goodbye Google Reader Part I

You've probably heard the news.  Google is retiring Google Reader as of July 1, 2013.  

I have been a loyal Google Reader user for several years, and am actually really bummed to see it go.  

I've been ambling about some, researching other reader options that will serve my needs.  Google Reader is where I do nearly ALL my blog reading (except for those nutty family members who have private blogs that I have to sign-in to read), so I won't select an alternative without doing some research.

What I'm looking for in a reader:
  • I use Google Reader's Search function ALL. THE. TIME.  I often will remember just a tidbit from a post I read (maybe in the process of telling my mom about the Nester's beautiful master bedroom monogram or telling my boyfriend that Hollywood Housewife was going to be on an episode of Tanked, and then there was another time that I remembered I'd seen a recipe for dairy-free fruit crisp, and couldn't remember where…), and need to find it in a jiffy.  Search allows me to do this.
  • I like the reader to show me JUST what I haven't read yet. I'm a skippy-reader, meaning I take a peak at post titles, and skip around to what I want to read right now. This doesn't mean I won't go back to the other new items - just that something else popped out at me. 
  • I need a "mark as unread" feature. I also use this all the time.  I read a huge variety of blogs, from fashion to home decor to faith to blogging strategy blogs.  Content is super varied, and I may get into a really meaty post right before I'm heading into a meeting or rehearsal.  If it needs my attention later, I mark it as unread to make sure I see it when I ready for it.
  • The interface needs to look clean and uncluttered.

Come on back tomorrow for how I've narrowed down my options and a final Reader-replacement decision!

And since many of you are already using Bloglovin'….

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  1. I'm pretty bummed about this too - I'm actually glad that I only just started working on growing readership with GFC - I already transitioned to bloglovin and added a signature to all my new posts telling people to follow me there. Major bummer.


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