08 April 2013

Heading Home

My sister and I are heading home today from a lovely Florida vacation.  

Our last day was spent lounging at the pool. All. Day. GLORY.  I got my money's worth out of the over-priced resort cup I purchased early in the week. Oh those Mai Tais.

Our final evening was spent curled up in the condo with delivery dinner, watching the last Twilight movie (don't judge) and pressing pause to finish up packing.  We are party animals. Look out world.

An early-morning flight meant a 4:00am wake-up, and a night of no sleep because I was sure we were going to over-sleep, but the sun was rising as we awaited take-off, so all is well in this early-morning world.

Home will feel good.  I'm always one for routine, and though I brought gym clothes, I didn't hop on the treadmill once.  Sue me. It's vacation.  

Noteable: I did not get sunburned. 

Also noteable: After sleeping on a couch all week (we tagged along with my uncle and his family on their vacation, so no complaints here!), I can actually hear my bed at home calling my name.

Happy Monday!


  1. it is *always* an appropriate time to watch twilight

  2. Getting to sleep in your own bed again is the ONLY reason it's nice when vacation is over. :)


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