03 May 2013


A picture of a picture.  Cammie + Grandpa. Approx age 3.

When was the last time you flexed your brave muscle? For myself, I'm not sure I can think of anything very recently, where I actually needed to be brave. In fact, just the word feels a little foreign to my typing fingers. B. R. A. V. E. 

We tell kids to be brave all the time. Encourage them in so many ways to unwrap their little hand from mommy's for the first day of pre-school.  

Several weeks ago, I visited my brother and sister in law and their three kiddos at their home.  One of my nephews' and niece's favorite ways to get crazy is to stand at the top of the 1st half of the stairs leading upstairs, and have their dad (my awesome brother) stand at the bottom.  Without a second thought - no consideration of the bodily harm that I - their aunt - am sure is inevitable - they take a flying leap into their dad's arms, which are  open to them, waiting at the bottom.  All three of them do it, one after the other over and over like a parade.  One of my nephews has a habit of giving no warning for the moment he'll actually jump, and just wings it, no doubt the arms will catch him at the bottom. That poor kid is asking for broken bones. Love him. 

I wonder when I stopped taking a flying leap from the top of the stairs, caution thrown to the wind that's sure to whoosh when I jump. 

This has been 5 Minute Friday - a 5-minute writing prompt. Today's word was BRAVE. You should join in. It's fun and kinda freeing.

Five Minute Friday


  1. What a cute post. And such a cute anecdote to go with such a powerful question. Let's do more jumping off the stairs, positive that those comfortable arms are going to soften the fall. Happy Friday :)

    xo Meg (new reader)

    1. I am with ya, Meg. Thank you for stopping by. :) xo

  2. Great picture of flying into his Father's arms. I am following you from Five Minute Friday. I wrote a post awhile ago about Jump - and of course today's post on Brave. Jesus has changed me - in so many ways and bravery is one of them.
    Many blessings and may He encourage you to jump.
    janis www.janiscox.com

    1. That is so awesome, Janis. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. My goodness, that is complete brave trust...don't know if I have ever!

  4. Such a great response to the word "Brave." I love the image of jumping boldly and fearlessly. Kids are sometimes the best features.


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