31 May 2013


The days flutter by the same way the clouds do - as if they're on big-wheeled skateboards, hat backwards, "I'm outta here guys". Can you believe today is the last day of May? I was feeling on top of things yesterday and flipped both the calendars in my office to June. The calendar hanging on the wall above my desk here at home still says April. Not really sure what to think about that.  It's driving me only a little crazy.

Do you ever think about the way time flies? They say it's because we're having fun, but do you think it's also maybe because we're not paying attention? I spend my days anticipating an upcoming meeting on Tuesday, that junior league function next Thursday, singing in church on Sunday, time up at the lake in July… without giving a second thought to the next twenty seconds - forty five minutes - one hour.  

Our time isn't limitless, but I often carry on like it is. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like if I realized - really realized - that today is quite literally the only today I get.  And that life is made up of a wonderful and messy combination of todays that can never be re-lived.  

What do you imagine when you think about how life rides on by?

This has been five-minute Friday. Today's prompt was IMAGINE. You should try it. It's fun and kinda freeing.


  1. I think about this a lot and feel desperate some days to slow time. I think it comes in counting the moments with eyes wide open to the world around you. Some days that feels downright impossible. I came by from Lisa-Jo's today and I'm just so glad that I did. Enjoy this last day of May!

  2. This was really thought-provoking. Why IS it that we spend so much of the time we are in NOW with our minds either in the future or in the past? I find that I am most firmly in the here and now when I am with my ten-month-old granddaughter, because while her parents are busy encouraging her to do that next thing -- sit up, crawl, take those first steps, say da da, now say ma ma -- I know how very quickly she's going to be graduating from high school and going off to college. So I am enjoying that she likes to roll around the floor and blurt razzberries and I can just be in TODAY when I am with her.

  3. I love this reminder to focus on the 'now.' I feel like I've written about this a few times during #FMF...must be a sign that we need to listen to our own advice?! Thanks for sharing, glad I stopped by from #FMF. :)


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