29 May 2013

My Summer Project List

I am definitely a to-do list kind of gal.  I've shared before that sometimes I write something on my list after it's done just to have the satisfaction of crossing it off.  Ahem.

Each year, I look forward to a decidedly slower pace during June, July, and August.  Amidst trips north to the lake and Wednesday nights at Madison's Concerts on the Square, I (try to) allow time to perform major feats of strength in various areas where my organization systems seem to have gone awry.  This summer, I have a nice list of projects I'm hoping to tackle.

  • My pantry (pictured above, adjacent to my human-size fork) needs some love. The baskets on the top shelf, which hold all my paper goods, and the floor, below the bottom shelf, which hold bottles of wine and other drinks that don't need to be refrigerated, are really the only things that are working for me. I don't feel good about the way I'm using the space, and KNOW this little baby closet can serve me better than it currently is.  
  • My kitchen cupboards need to be re-thought.  I've changed the way I grocery shop over the past 18 months or so, and I no longer need room for lots of back-stock of non-perishable food items.  I've also either purchased or been gifted a number of large cooking tools (like a dutch oven and large cast iron skillet - both heavy items that take up lots of space), and I haven't yet found a way to store them in an efficient, practical manner.  I might even map it out. Don't judge. It's my free time.
  • I have a corner cupboard in my kitchen that I would LOVE to make into a lazy susan. Let's all take note that I don't have a handy bone in my body, and if a project requires more than a hammer or a few twirls of the screwdriver, I'm in over my head, so if that one's going to happen, I'm going to need a general contractor. Or a handsome man. Either will do the job.
  • My spare bedroom closet has become the dumping ground for all things that don't have a home.  It needs some major organization.  There's a random bookcase in the closet that worked for awhile for storage, but I think it can work better for me elsewhere, which would make that closet a more efficient use of space.
  • Somewhere along the line (and I swear it wasn't me walking through it), the screen in my screen door detached from the outer frame of the door itself, making it like a little doggie door for insects and other things I hate.  I don't have any idea how to re-attach a screen, and Lord knows if it was up to me, I'd call the door people and tell them I'm going to need a whole new screen door. Again with the general contractor or handsome man.  

What projects are on your list for the summer? Am I crazy for thinking this might all get done? 

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  1. You've inspired me to make a list, first of which is to make Corbin's first year scrapbook. I made Lane one by hand and now I'm stuck making one for Corbin and any future kids so they don't feel left out, but it's digital photobooks from now on! I want to repaint Lane's new room and redo the laundry room so it's functional for me, and do some closet organizing as well. But like you said - maybe I'm crazy for wanting to get it all done! I think you can do it though. :) Give yourself a reward for finishing each project - a cute new basket for your pantry, some fresh new containers for food items - that might inspire you to move ahead!

    1. Oooo, I LOVE the idea of a reward for finishing each project. You must be an awesome mom. ;)


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