13 May 2013

Pie Night Tradition

If you ever find yourself in Madison, and at the Diner - get the Peanut Butter Silk pie.  You won't be sorry.
I think by now you know that I love my life group gals.  They are at different stages in their college careers, act like they've known each other forever, and have managed to worm their way into my heart.  Each time one of the gals leaves to graduate and move away and be an adult and stuff - a piece of me goes with her. They are pretty awesome women of passion, I'll tell you that much.  

I've got one who's going to be the best special education teacher on the planet, and another who will probably end up curing cancer.  Another is going to be a famous TV news anchor, and another who is going to change the lives of kids who have autism.  Another one just bought a hat for the Dali Lama to wear when he's here - his request (no joke), so she's definitely got it going on, and another who will probably end up being Chloe on 24 or something. Another is double-majoring in Chemical Engineering  and Rocket Science (or something) so you know she's on her way to NASA to change the world.  Another one is passionate about and committed to saving women from modern day slavery - and if you don't think she's going to make an impact you have another thing coming.  I've also got one who loves the library and teaching kids that reading is fun and cool and she's the most loving and patient and kind person on earth.  Then there's the other one who's the daughter of two doctors and sister of four brothers, and will be the best neurosurgeon (I don't even know if she wants to do that - but she COULD!) this world has seen yet. 

What GEMS they are - gifts - and  I'll never think of Monday evenings the same way again.

I accidentally started a pretty great tradition with them.  On our last life group night of each semester, we head to the best pie place in Madison for fun, talk-time, and some really good pie.  Sometimes we go around the table and speak truth into the lives of each other, reflecting on one another's gifts and awesomeness, receiving truth from these beauties. Other times (like last week), we just enjoy being together, being goofy, confusing the waiter, ordering more coffee, more pie, some a la mode, more water please.

Being in the lives of people is a gift, no? If I could challenge you to one thing today it would be to look around to find where you could be part of something bigger in someone else's life.  

You'll leave changed and better - I'd bet a piece of peanut butter silk on it.

Taylor, Emily, Lizzie, JoJo, Amanda, Alissa, Megan, Chelsea, Me (missing Brandy - who took the picture!)

We're losing Emily (the Dali Lama hat buyer!), second in from the left (bottom row) to graduation….waaaaah.

This picture courtesy of Hubbard Avenue Diner

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  1. You're making me miss Madison (and pie) something fierce!


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