16 May 2013

Study Day :: my favorite bi-annual holiday of the year

I'm pretty sure I've shared with you how much I love my church.  They care about community and they care about people.  And Jesus.  He's numero uno. For me and for them. 

Since we're located in one of the sweetest college town in America, a large part of our church population is made up of college kids (my life group gals included!), and they. are. awesome.

At the end of each semester, Blackhawk hosts 1500-ish college students (and lots of non-Blackhawkers!) for Study Day (which - back when I was in school and we actually joined Facebook groups (hey remember that?!) - one of my groups was Study Day is My Favorite Bi-Annual Holiday of the Year) for an entire day of TONS of food, wi-fi, tutoring, silent study rooms, and basically a whole lot of stuff to do whether or not you want to study.  The day wraps up with an hour of worship, which is so great because it places emphasis back on what really matters (that's not to say studying doesn't matter, people... just saying there's something that matters more). It is SO. MUCH. FUN.  And such a blessing to those hungry stressed out co-eds.

Ok so new topic.  Have I ever shared with you that I sing? Well I do. I'll sing sometime for you right here on this blog (I don't really have a choice… it's one of my 2013 goals). And I lead worship on a regular basis at my church.  Last weekend I had the opportunity to lead worship for Study Day, and I'll tell you what - it was one of the most fun things I've done in awhile. Some people have a lot of energy at 9:00pm. Those people are college kids at Study Day.  Yes oh yes. 

Here's our team practicing earlier in the evening.

Have you ever wondered what they're looking at on the music stand up there? Here's what mine looks like.  That handwriting on the left side of the white page? That's called the Roadmap.  It tells me where we're headed. I don't know if other people write it out that way, but it sure helps me.

I have never before (no really I mean never) needed to play a drum.  #thiswasafirst since I can barely clap and sing at the same time.  Such fun to try something new.

Such a fun perspective on all of them gathered ready for worship. Backstage view.

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  1. I totally do that on my music sheets! #worshipleaderproblems That's so cool that we both lead! Great to have that thing in common!


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